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Smith Rynbrandt: Athlete Representation Services

Exceptional athlete representation—the hallmark of Smith Rynbrandt, LLC—goes far beyond negotiating an athlete's salary. At Smith Rynbrandt, we pay careful attention to you—as the unique athlete and person that you are. We take time to know your strengths, and to also understand your interests, skills, personality traits and unique qualities, as well as your career and post-career goals and aspirations. These elements not only define an athlete, but they are essential to defining a brand that is noticeably genuine and enduring—a brand which the public and the corporate world recognize and embrace—and one that produces a sustainable business well beyond the athlete’s competitive career.

Building of the Brand

Protection of the Brand

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"Kevin provided wise and competent counsel to our firm in critical matters. His effective advocacy led to positive outcomes that exceeded our expectations."

- Doug Ruch
Chief Executive Officer
Fleetwood Group, Inc.
Holland, MI