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Smith Rynbrandt is committed to creating world class Athlete Licensing Contracts for those who achieve extraordinary success in their sport and have strategically managed the first two steps of brand building (i.e. endorsements and PR). Licensing opportunities become the final tier in building the athlete’s brand and are critical to sustaining equity in the brand beyond one's playing career. In licensing, the athlete's name itself becomes a product. Whether the product licensed is a line of sneakers, apparel, or something more abstract like household furnishings, licensing is possible when the licensee believes that the popularity of the athlete translates into consumer demand for a product under that athlete's brand. Examples of licensing arrangements are the Air Jordan brand with Nike, and Martina Navratilova’s line of clothing with Herman Geist. This tier is reserved for a select group of athletes who have not only performed well in their sport, but also recognize the importance of strong, strategic career management before, during and after peak-performance years.

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