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Smith Rynbrandt provides winning athlete public relations & media representation that helps shape an athlete's brand and ensure long-range success. Public relations and media representation is an essential aspect of a comprehensive athlete representation strategy. While much of what the media writes and discusses is only media opinion, this opinion helps shape the public’s view of an athlete. Building and maintaining excellent relationships with the media is a priority at Smith Rynbrandt. As such, we recommend media training for all of our athletes. We also work closely with the media to help generate meaningful coverage beyond an athlete's performance in the sport. Human-interest stories provide a positive link with the public that enhances an athlete’s image; they are significant in shaping an athlete's brand. Naturally, there is no replacement for competitive success; but, a sneak peak into the athlete's real life, when coupled with this success, creates an important connection between the athlete, the media, and the fans for lasting brand recognition. A delicate balance of privacy and publicity is continuously managed and is at the core of all Smith Rynbrandt strategies.

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